David Christopher

Here Comes the Bride (1978)

Here Comes the Bride

Also Known As:
Prurito Di Sposa

Genre: Classic, Feature, All Sex
Year: 1978
Country: USA
Starring: Samantha Fox, Heather Young, Clea Carson, Paula Morton, Erica Havens, Vee Summers, Joey Silvera, David Morris, David Christopher, Richard Stevens, Roger Caine, Mike DeMarco, Ben Pierce
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Down and Dirty Scooter Trash (1985)

Down and Dirty Scooter Trash

Genre: Classic, Feature, All Sex, Anal
Year: 1985
Country: USA
Starring: Barbie Dahl, Baby Doe, Cookie Hooker, Karly Carlyn, Linda Jackov, Tasha Voux, Rhonda Jo Petty, Tank Top Smith, Buddy Hatton, Crazy Ace, David Christopher, Puttin’ Pete, Ron Jeremy, Tattoo Danny
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Chocolate Bon Bons (1985)

Genre: Classic, Lesbian, Interracial
Year: 1985
Country: USA
Starring: Daphne Jones, Lotta Topp, Simone la Cruz, Syreeta Taylor, Tasha Voux, Ashley Moore, B. Servant, Bobby Spector, David Christopher, Michael Gaunt
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Brooke Does College (1984)

Brooke Does College

Genre: Classic, Feature
Year: 1984
Country: USA
Starring: Brooke Fields, Cody Nicole, Annette Heinz, Laurie Smith, Jeanne Silver, Sharon Kane, Carol Cross, Joey Silvera, Herschel Savage, Michael Knight, Timothy Beckley, Kenny Dee, Michael Bruce, David Christopher, John Dillon
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Toast of love (1980)

Toast of love

Genre: Classic, Anal, DP
Year: 1980
Country: Germany
Starring: Sandy Fox, Marc Stevens, Angelo Rivera, Gloria Todd, Herschel Savage, David Christopher, Vanessa Del Rio, David Pierce, Juliet Anderson, Maureen Spring, Nancy Dare
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The Oddest Couple (1986)

Genre: Classic, Feature, Anal, All Sex, Lesbians
Year: 1986
Country: USA
Starring: Sarah Bernard, Robert Bullock, David Christopher, Danielle, Barbara Dare, Siobhan Hunter, Paula Meadows, David Morris, Henri Pachard, Ralph Parfait, Joey Silvera, Tasha Voux, Jeffrey Wallach
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