Danish vintage porn movies

Bordellet (1972)


Genre: Classic, Anal
Year: 1972
Country: Denmark
Starring: Lonny Feddersen, Ingerlise Gaarde, Gotha Andersen, Leni Kjellander, Sune Pilgaard, Palle Arestrup, Palle Arestrup
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The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography (1970-1974)

The Golden Age Of Danish Pornography

The Golden Age of Danish Pornography is a collection of vintage 8mm hardcore films from the 1970s directed by Danish Porn Pioneer Freddy Weiss. In the 1970s Weiss started making his own pornographic films and released them in series such as Playgirl and Venus Films. Considered as lost films for decades Pink Flamingo Entertainment have finally unearthed the original negatives of many of these classic films and are proud to present them on DVD.

Genre: Classic, All Sex
Year: 1970-1974
Country: Denmark

1. The Barbershop (aka The Barber) – Venus Film V7
2. A Sucking Start – John Holmes Production JH 106 (same loop – (The Hairdresser – Sex Fantasies 6,Glamour Girl 2)
3. Madam’s Delight – Venus Film 2001
4. Miss Butterfly – Playgirl Film 7
5. Massage Parlor (aka Massage Salloon Part 2 aka Tagebuch eines Massagesalons Teil II) – Venus Film V19
6. Doctor Sex – Unknown
7. Sex Kittens – Venus Film V2
8. Black Triangle – Venus Film V5
9. Lusty Nurses – Venus Film 2002
10. Sex Bar – Venus Film V1
11. Lady Lovesport – Playgirl Film 8
12. Trio Sex – Playgirl Film 9
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Danish Schoolgirls 1 (1979)

Genre: Classic, Feature, All Sex
Year: 1970
Country: Denmark

Cock’s to the bottom of their pretty sweet throats. But as you watch you will see & agree that these ballicking, cumdrinking oral sweet hearts take their best shots!
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Couples (1976)

Genre: Classic, Feature
Year: 1976
Country: USA, Denmark
Starring: Angel Barrett, Bree Anthony, Cindy Price, Gwen Fisher, Jenny Lane, Lotta Love, Mary Stuart, Jamie Gillis, Jeffrey Hurst, Mickey Humm, Rodney Farrell
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I Tvillingernes Tegn (1975)

Genre: Classic, Feature, Comedy, Straight, Blowjobs, Lesbian
Year: 1975
Country: Denmark
Starring: Ole Soltoft, Preben Mahrt, Cia Lowgren, Karl Stegger, Bent Warburg, Lise Henningsen, Louise Frevert, Anne Bie Warburg, Lisbeth Olsen
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